LHPU started based on our customer’s needs to place engineers on site. We realized quickly that there were two options for our customers. One was an expert who was super expensive, and the other was a fresh college graduate, who is inexperienced and took a long time to acclimate and become productive.

Both options were expensive in their own ways. We developed LHPU to try to offset the cost of a college graduate going into industry. We found that this would require both technical and soft skills. So, instead of just teaching them the basics, provide them the opportunity to gain hands-on experience with an actual diesel engine.


Enriching Hands-On Education

Our training not only teaches them how to work with the engines but also things that they maybe wouldn’t have valued initially. To further their education and experience, we also added some troubleshooting. We switched some wires around and if they didn’t have the documentation, they were going to have a difficult time fixing it. Through this, they learned how important it was to have the documentation. We found that it really helps to embrace and coach them through their failures.


Other Reasons to Choose LHPU

We also help with resumes. We coach them through situations with one on one mentorship. We teach them how to meet a strong deadline, just like a real job.
Now, several of our grads are now hiring managers coming back to us trying to hire current LHPU graduates. So, we feel like it’s been a great success story to the program.


One Thing We Want to Tell Prospective Student


Don’t ever undervalue the importance of communication skills while working as a team. It’s not something that you learn in a one-off course. These things that happen to you in the real world happen on the fly, and you have to be prepared. That is why give you the tools necessary to deal with those situations and to be successful.

Contact us at LHPU today if you have any questions or if you are ready to gain the knowledge and experience from real-world experience!


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