What is LHPU?

LHPU was founded to help aspiring engineers and current engineers alike build the skills they need in new technologies through hands-on experience in a collaborative atmosphere. We offer a variety of courses that delve into the essentials of engineering technologies. Likewise, we also offer different schedules to best suit the needs of our students.

Students and Recent Graduates

Many of our LHPU students are recent graduates or pursuing their degrees but are looking for supplemental experience to help drive their professional careers. We have students who have their Masters, Bachelors, or are about to attain their degree.

These types of LHPU trainees are usually looking for a way to give themselves a leg up on their peers by gaining the workplace experiences they need by working with the newest technologies firsthand.

Our programs are also great for aspiring engineers because they help them develop the communication and teamwork skills needed in their future careers.

Workforce Reentry and Current Engineers

LHPU is not just for students or recent graduates. We have designed night and weekend courses for current engineers so they can learn the newest technologies, refresh their current knowledge, and/or make a career path change successfully.

Learn More About Our Hands-On Engineering Training Courses

If you are interested in learning more about LHPU and our hands-on engineering training courses, please contact us today with any questions!

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